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Protect your roof with a thermal coating and save on heating!

Home-owners, you can trust Weatherproof Total Coatings of Nottingham to do a great job of coating your roof to make it last for many years to come!

Compared to replacing a roof, applying a thermal roof coating is not only a far cheaper solution and less disruptive, but it also has other big benefits.

It will improve the energy efficiency of your home significantly, thereby reducing your heating bills and, at the same time, it will improve the visual appeal of your property making your roof look brand new again.

Weatherproof Total Coatings Limited offer an exciting range of colours and we're so confident in our thermal roof coating that we offer a 15-year guarantee!

The benefits of our thermal roof coatings are numerous, but can be summed up in these four main aspects:
  • Moss-free roofs
  • Weatherproof and watertight roofs
  • Maintenance-free roofs
  • Improved energy efficiency.
Our roof renovation system is a 4-stage process:

1. Wash the roof using a high pressure turbo system.
2. Apply our anti-fungicidal wash.
3. Repair, re-point and replace all broken or cracked tiles.
4. Apply 2 coats of our unique roof coating system.

This is a low cost, energy saving alternative to re-roofing.

More and more homeowners are recognising that having their roof thermally coated is a smart move because it not only protects the integrity of their roof, but saves money on heating bills.

Request a quote today. Call us FREE on 0800 292 7911.

Your roof coating will be given a 15 year guarantee by Weatherproof Total Coatings Ltd

Call Weatherproof Total Coatings Ltd free of charge on 0800 292 7911 for a free no-obligation quote on  roof coatings for your home

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